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Fluid Replacement

Transmission Fluid Replacement

As Wichita’s auto shop that specializes in transmission service and repair, Mastertech Transmissions, Inc. is the local business you can rely on when you are in need of a transmission fluid flush and replacement.

Your vehicle’s transmission relies on fluids to cool and lubricate the internal parts. Over time, that fluid can be negatively affected by contaminants and can cause damage to the parts inside the transmission. With our fluid replacement service, we completely flush out the old transmission fluid and replace it with new fluid. This process cleans the system from any contaminants that may have existed, getting your vehicle back to running smoothly.

When do you need a transmission fluid replacement?

How often you need a fluid replacement depends on your vehicle. Refer to your owner’s manual to determine when you need this service done. Always be sure to follow their guidelines. When in doubt about when or even whether you need one, changing the transmission fluid does no harm if done before the recommended service time.

Typically for manual vehicles, fluid flush and replacement service is suggested to be done every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

The need for replacement varies more widely for automatic vehicles. Automatic vehicles require it on average every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

What happens if you don’t get this fluid replaced when needed?

If the fluid in your transmission has become contaminated, then your transmission is being lubricated with metal shavings and other contaminants. This will damage your transmission and shorten its life. You will likely end up with a bigger, much more costly, transmission problem.

Photo of the Mastertech tech working under the hood of a car for things like transmission fluidLow Fluid

Your transmission could become low on fluid, even without there being a contamination problem. It’s important to the proper working of your vehicle to make sure you are not too low on transmission fluid. The fluid level can, and should, be checked periodically between fluid replacement services. Check your vehicle’s owner manual to learn how to find and check the fluid level. Most automatics (and some manual vehicles) have a transmission dipstick that you can pull out and check. You will want to do this while the engine is running and with your car in park.

If you notice any sign of a leak, you should definitely make sure to have your transmission fluid level checked as soon as possible.

Checking a vehicle’s transmission fluid can be difficult for many people, not just for those who are not skilled at vehicle repair, but also because of how difficult it is to check transmission fluid levels in some vehicles. Bring your vehicle to Mastertech and let our specialized technicians accurately diagnose whether you have a low fluid level or if you’re in need for a fluid flush and replacement. We provide this check as part of our FREE Diagnostic Test.

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